Offering expert hand-drawn works for print, web, and e-formats covering all topics of science, yet also including fantastic art, editorial works, and traditional fine art as well.
ECOLOGY / NATURE Imagery depicting ecosystem and climate change, nutrient cycling, carbon cycling and management, forestry concepts, biodiversity issues and more for all audiences. Click image to enter-
PALEOART dynamic illustrations rendered by working closely with scientists to create hi-profile life reconstructions of past flora, fauna, and accurate paleolandscapes. Click image to enter-
GENOMICS artwork that translates the technical, conceptual, and aesthetic aspects of this cutting-edge, technology-driven field. Click image to enter-
ANTHROPOLOGY past worlds rise again from an expert fusion of illustration, photography, and 3D modeling to create vividly-accurate reconstructions of dwellings, artifacts, lifestyles, and environments. Click image to enter-